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External Port (TONFLY option)
External Port (TONFLY option)
External Port (TONFLY option)
External Port (TONFLY option)

External Port (TONFLY option)

Optional EXTERNAL AUDIBLE PORT (only available for new CUSTOM orders)

TONFLY offers for all TONFLY helmet models optional "External Audible Ports" to add to custom helmets. All TONFLY helmets have got internal audible space. The optional "External Audible Port" makes the audible altimeter accessible and visual from outside the helmet shell which makes the handling to set audible altitudes easier. This option can be added on the left side of the helmet, the right side or on both sides.

This option can only be mounted on new ordered helmets and can not be retrofitted to other or older helmets.

Available colors are black, blue, red and yellow 

Suitable Audibles for this option are:

L&B SOLO (all models)

L&B OPTIMA (all models)

L&B QUATTRO (all models)



Please Note:
Sales within the EU are charged 21% tax.
Sales outside the EU are not charged tax.
Final payment is in Euros.

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